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The Climate Capital Network

India’s first Network for Capital Allocators across the Breadth of Climate

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The Climate Capital Network (CCN) was launched in October 2021 to facilitate a greater flow of climate capital, additional insights, and greater collaboration. Given the nascency of the climate innovation (and climate finance) ecosystem in India, we are very intentional in our coverage across the capital spectrum – from philanthropic grant funding, through debt and equity – the returns spectrum – impact-first through to fully commercial – and across the breadth of climate sectors – far beyond energy and mobility.

The transitions between types of capital, stages of funding, and the collaboration of different capital structures/ instruments are critical for the innovation ecosystem to thrive. The pipes, connectors, and nodes between these funding tools do not currently exist, are unlikely to develop organically, and will need strategic focus and facilitation. This is our primary area of work with the CCN.

We do this through transaction showcases, thesis deep dives, insights, expert sessions, and events.

Our Members



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